Saturday, August 13, 2011

Kondor Beyond The Clouds [2011]

We’re very proud to share this brand new album by Kondor. As always, the Polish producer provides you with beautiful melodies, peaceful vibes and atmospheres that reach beyond the clouds.

00. Intro
01. Above The Planets
02. Pure Thoughts
03. Day Dreamin’
04. Light Of Reflection
05. Sky’s Not The Limit
06. Clannad Remix
07. Peace Of Meditation
08. Eternal Life
09. Path Of The Samurai
10. Mind Gate
11. Rainbow Of Love
12. Astral Journey
13. Calm Evening
14. Key To Your Soul
15. Reflect Tier
16. Piano Story (Pt. 2)
17. Silent Love
18. Together For Tomorrow
19. Implicit Faith
20. Love Your Life (Outro Track)

MP3 256Kbps


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