Sunday, May 8, 2011

Thomas Prime - Waiting For Tomorrow [2011]

01.No Other Way (Intro)
02.Intellectual Criminals (ft. Awon)
03.Iron Mask (ft. Jas Mace & Mar Var)
04.Old Skool (ft. CL & Mrs Bux)
05.The Wake Up (Interlude)
06.Lost Soul
07.Music Plays On (ft. The 49ers & Thurro)
08.Heartbreak (ft. Seeka & Jr)
09.Don’t Stop Now (Interlude)
10.Class of '99 (ft. Akin Yai)
11.Strictly Underground Pt 2 (ft. Awon)
12.International Night (ft. Jas Mace)
13.Feel the Same (ft. Dicap & Fae Woods)
14.Rising Moon (Interlude)
15.Another Goodbye
16.Changing Lanes (ft. Seeka & Jr)
17.Honest Lies (ft. Tiff The Gift)
18.Time to Spare (Interlude)
19.Forever Eternal
20.Dynamite Love (ft. Awon)
21.Luv4u (ft. 2 mo' key) [Nujabes Tribute]
22.Still Waiting (Outro)


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