Saturday, April 30, 2011

Volta Masters - Lovers [2010]

Wonderful sound of Japanese Sunshine Soul and Love from Volta Masters. This soul-disc features super rappers Braille, 1773, Theory Hazit and various dope Japanese rappers

1. Justin' Love (Featuring Monday Michiru)
2. Rock With You (Featuring Rinko Urashima & Tribeca)
3. Into Your Groove (Featuring Elisha La'Verne)
4. Wuthering Heights (Featuring Ellie & 1773)
5. Hero
6. Break Away (Featuring Raja-Nee)
7. Wisdom Calling (Featuring Braille & Theory Hazit)
8. Etupirka
9. Longing Love (Featuring Thaory)
10. Love Happiness (Featuring Saramary)
11. Graceful Star (Featuring Mei Kuroishi)
12. Justin' Love, Part 2 (Featuring Monday Michiru & 1773)


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