Saturday, April 30, 2011

NEW RELEASE!!!. Kondor - Peace Of Soul [2011]

Nujabes, Cradle sure bet to follow!! Jazzy Hip Hop scene by the male's Nyuarubamuririsu Kondor!
From Poland. Nujabes, Nomak strongly influenced by, and build your own world piano music called Relaxin. Their debut album, 2nd to attract listeners with inspirational melodies and strong grooves on both albums, record sales of big young talent Kondor!! Many beautiful melodies spun out carefully one by one to be gentle around the piano, but sigh out so beautiful, modern oasis with many people continue to heal from the core to warm hearts and ears!

01. Intro
02. Bridge Over The Stars
03. Talking To Spirit
04. A New Day (feat. Jas Mace & Anika Hazel)
05. Mental Healing
06. A Breath Of Spring
07. Peace Of Soul
08. Interlude
09. Sand Signatures (feat. Jerrell Johnson)
10. Clarity Of Vision
11. The Wide World
12. Tribute To Nujabes
13. I Think I Need You (feat. Youngs)
14. Story Of My Life
15. Outro


Kondor is a gifted and talented Polish producer. Make sure to remember his name, because Kondor is a perspective artist.


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